Well, our SAT phone had a defect and now we have a new one.  The tracker is back on and shows us in Santa Cruz, which is where we are right now.  We did not however arrive overland as the blue line from Tomales to Santa Cruz might indicate.

3 thoughts on “Tracking

  1. Colleen McFerrin

    Hi you two! Great posts and photos. Wish the weather was cooperating as a normal September, but hopefully will warm soon. Before Winter – Haha! Look forward to more adventures.

  2. Mom and Dad

    Puerto San Carlos, I guess that means no telephone. Our last phone conversation got cut off… a beep and you were gone. We hope you had a good trip from San Diego. The real estate guy, Ken Ahler is going to visit us Sunday. It’s election day. What really bugs me is the idea of Bill Clinton back in the White House. what do id do now?


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