Happy Holidays from Footloose

HappyHolidaysBeing a cruiser makes the holidays a little more difficult than you might expect.  We miss getting together with family and friends.  Savoring, that quiet space between the years.   We don’t however miss the zoo of shopping, cards, newsletters, post-office, and UPS.

As a cruiser, the friends you are with change literally with the tide.  Here today and gone tomorrow.  We feel best trying to maintain traditions.   While you can always have a holiday meal at a hotel or restaurant we prefer doing things on the boat… It’s our home.

We decorate with lights, put up ornaments, invite friends to share a meal.

Here’s a funny video from our Thanksgiving dinner.

We are thinking of you and wish you the happiest of holidays surrounded by Peace, Love and Harmony.

Lisa and Michael

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Footloose

  1. Laura

    You guys look great-and Footloose does too.
    Oh how we MISS you both and Footloose!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing more pictures of your parties and holiday get togethers…could you squeeze 2 more around that table please?

  2. Mike

    Happy Holidays to you both and Footloose! Looks like a great party aboard there. Donna and I will point our glasses in generally southern direction and toast to your continuing voyages!

  3. Janis Clark

    Such a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing it.

    Pretty neat to be in shorts and short sleeves on Christmas, in the evening.

    Yes, my there be health, and peace for all in the coming years.


  4. Deirdre

    Love your Thanksgiving video – it’s amazing how you put that altogether in such a small space! Yes, we miss you too and wish you all the very best for a happy Christmas and health, peace and great sailing in the New Year.

  5. Jeff and rosalind

    Thanks for the engine rescue. We’re anchored at Punta Mita. Back tues p m. Come for a drink? Felix ano nuevo! Rosalind and Jeff – Nina may

  6. Carol Levine

    Happy new year, dear friends. So happy to see you living your dream and surrounded by friends. Good to see you keeping up the traditions! We had a nye party last night. Most of the chappy chavurah attended. But we are getting old, at least the rest are! We toasted along with Time Square so they all could go to bed!!!! I was on my own to wish in the new year enjoying the fireworks from SF on tv. Healthy and happy year for us all . Miss you

  7. Linda


    A tad* belated, but the sentiment is full: All the best for a happy and healthy new year! It looks like you’re off to a great start!

    *Make that a “huge tad”!

    Thanks for the wonderful stories. They’ve been a nice respit while being sidelined** with the Thomas wildfire and then the ensuing mudslides.

    **Thankfully, only close calls for me (all my belongings in storage came out unscathed < ½ mile from ground zero), so only actually only “slightly sidelined”. Still, I was a bit frozen in time and disbelief while it was all unfolding. On the upside: 101 has reopened, Santa Barbara/Montecito is coming back to life… and so am I! 🙂

    Cheers to a wonderful 2018,

    1. Lisa Britt

      Hi Linda, sorry about all the disasters… We wish you a better time of it! thanks for following the blog.


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