Recommendation – Vibratite VC-3

Screws pre-treated with Vibratite

Screws pre-treated with Vibratite VC-3

Boaters all need to change their zincs, an important item that prevents corrosion of underwater parts. Screwing a piece of zinc to your prop shaft or propeller has issues. This stuff is moving and subject to vibration, but how do you keep things from falling apart?
Often a diver will squirt a little blue Loctite onto the screw, and quickly install the zincs under water. But read the Loctite product description and you learn that the parts should be dry and clean.
Sometimes you buy parts with a blob of red stuff in the threads. The thread locker is already on the fastener. But what is that red stuff?
On Footloose, we use Vibratite VC-3 Thread locker to reduce the risk of premature loss of underwater parts. The product is applied and allowed to dry, then installed even underwater. Per the instructions you can even re-install the fastener…  Great for zincs, but how about your motorcycle, cars, or lawn mower?  I might even try it on my eyeglass screws.
Wanna give it a try? Purchase Vibratite Here, and help support our website.


4 thoughts on “Recommendation – Vibratite VC-3

    1. Michael Britt Post author

      Make sure you buy it through the blog.. Probably next week you will have an exciting use for Vibra Tite…. The Blog is a lot of work. I’m sure it takes at least 8 hours per entry… We enjoy the work, and view it as a way for us to remember this moment in our lives. We have a few products that we really like so if we could make a few bucks recommending these things, that wouldn’t be all bad. This entry is a test of using Amazon Associate. I think we get .25 if you buy a tube of Vibratite… Big Money maker. We are checking out how the system works.. Thanks for being a loyal blog follower. Lisa has a “Real Blog” entry coming with lots of photos from Costa Legre.

  1. George Phillips

    Any discussion of zincs should include galvanic isolation. Galvanic isolators prevent stray currents from other nearby boats and/or poor marina wiring from finding a path to ground through your boat’s ground and consuming your zincs in the process. They run about $350 and are easy to install, simply wired into the AC ground wire. I reduced my zinc consumption 75% by installing one. They have a totally different function from transformers which clean up the AC current coming into the boat from the marina. Transformers do nothing to eliminate stray current corrosion.

    1. Michael Britt Post author

      Hi George… We should be in Paradise Village shortly. I think Galvanic isolators and Isolation Transformers are different ways of doing the same thing. They keep AC from the shore from leaking through the ground leg of your shore power cable. My focus for this article was really the discovery of a much better product for attaching zincs under water. Loctite, “No Bueno.”

      We need to sell at least 3 items to maintain our Amazon Associate standing in the next 180 days… Maybe you could try a tube 😉


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