Empty Key Chains….We are cruising now.

Cast off

It started last weekend with Kathy picking up Lisa’s Green VW beetle convertible “Margarita”. down to just one key. No house key only the key to the boat. Later that day I ask for the keys to run a short errand and oops, no Margarita.

I leave the key to the truck and the key to its shell in the glove box for my friend Doug who is taking over after 25 years of ownership. Only the boat key a beer opener and strangely a golf ball key card for Chuck Corrica Driving range are left. Monday morning we move out of our slip at Ballena Isle Marina and onto the fuel dock. 136 gallons and we are ready to go. Next tank will be in San Diego.

We motor in light air to Ayala cove on Angel Island and tie up to two mooring balls with minimum drama.  As willi waws from the building breeze in the slot blow over Mount Livermore, we sit in silence, completely zoned out. We are exhausted, It’s been a non stop four years selling two houses and a business, getting married, a year and a half of full time boat work.

After a life time of wanting this moment, I sit in silence on a worn park bench looking out over the cove at our boat floating on its mooring.  Will we be strong enough, smart enough, brave enough?

We are about to find out. One Day at a Time.

11 thoughts on “Empty Key Chains….We are cruising now.

  1. Joe Graceffo

    Michael and Lisa,
    You’re off! That moment when you left the mooring at Ballena Bay must have been pretty amazing! Safe sailing to San Diego. I look forward to your next post!

  2. Christopher Britt

    How Beautiful, How Awesome! We are so happy for both of you. We love you guys. Keys? I’ve got too many on my ring but not as many as some people – glad I don’t have to wear one of those retractable key chains on a chain with a big bunch of keys like maybe a school principal might have. More key = More responsibility? How wonderful not to not have keys and be free! You’ve finally done it! “Strong enough, smart enough, brave enough?” You’ve always been all those things – think of all of your achievements and all of life’s challenges that have forged you and made you even stronger but I think it’s good you have some doubts – It might not be as much of an ADVENTURE if you were so sure you could do it perfectly and knew exactly how it would all work out. When you find where the San Juan or Animas River empty into the sea, turn inland, travel up the river and visit us.

  3. Shelly Levinthal

    Tonight, with a glass of sparkling wine, I toasted the two of you for the beginning of an amazing journey with much happiness and safety.

    This will definitely be a life changer and am looking forward to future connections and rendezvous.

    Much love,

  4. Gidgett & Patrick

    Hi Guys,
    Finally underway huh? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
    Say do you have anyway I can contact Michael Carrey

  5. Elise Hall

    We saw Peggy and Christy at the Pier tonight and the Humerus is healing well but she is still wearing a sling and covering with Ice incase someone tries to hug her unexpectedly. She thanked me for the help up but I told her not necessary as that is what ER nurses do. Hope all is going well for you too. It is hard to tell exactly where you are now.

    1. Michael Britt Post author

      WE are Glad Peggy is feeling better. You can always see where we are by looking at the “where is Footloose page” in the top menu. just zoom in to the right level of detail. The red dot is us.

  6. Kathy

    Wow. Just saw this post. Looks like you guys are having a fabulous time (now in Avila Beach), and I am very jealous. At least I have Margarita to take me on a mini vacation to Trader Joes every other day. Keep having a good time and I’ll keep tracking you and toasting you with 2 Buck Chuck! xoxo Kathy


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