A Friend Visits, a Great Start to the New Year

Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo

Our friend Deirdre visited us from the Bay Area to help break in the New Year. We had a great time traveling to a few anchorages in nearby Isla Espíritu Santo and Partida and also enjoyed a bus ride to the sweet town Todos Santos. We can’t wait to venture further north in a couple weeks!

First Stop: Balandra

Bahía San Gabriel – Playa Bonanza

Puerto Ballena – Caleta Partida – Return to La Paz

Todos Santos

8 thoughts on “A Friend Visits, a Great Start to the New Year

  1. mike

    Speaking of visits – any idea where you’ll be ~April 3rd to 7th?
    Spring break for kids and we’d like to visit

  2. Joe Graceffo

    Hi Michael & Lisa,
    Wow, such stark beauty! The ghost crab, the pelicans and that amazing moon! And I love the way the green Footloose stands out against the brown hills and blue water. It appears that you can drop into towns along the way as you need (or want) to, though life on the water suits you best. Please keep posting, I’m enjoying your blog.

  3. Deirdre

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I’m sitting here in my winter woollies and remembering the feel of the warm sun and the air on my bare skin! I hope you have enjoyed more of the islands and look forward to more news.



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